Ski touring

The new freedom

Make a fresh trail through snow-covered slopes and lonely forests with touring skis. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this piece of earth. The limitless skiing experience for every ski tourer.
The Salzkammergut-Tennengau region is a small paradise for ski tourers. Whether you're a beginner, a connoisseur or a professional, everyone gets their money's worth here. You are in good hands with local mountain and ski guides who also have the appropriate terrain knowledge!

There are magnificent ski touring mountains within a few kilometers.
Gosaukamm, Osterhorn, Dachstein and Tennengebirge – here ski mountaineers will find an almost inexhaustible selection of activities:

Tour tips
Annaberg-Lungötz  Mahdalm, Lochalm, Strichkogel, Kampl, Stuhlloch at the foot of the Bischofsmütze
Abtenau / Lammertal carcogel, Bleikogel, Tricklroute, Scheiblingkogel
Russbach to Gamsfeld and Braunedl
gosau between Dachstein and Gosausee
Postalm  Wieslerhorn, Labenberg, Windkogel-Thorhöhe and Pitscherberg
Salzachtal / Tennengau Mittlerer Wiesenstein, Schwarzerberg, Knallstein

Winter in Abtenau

Outdoor adventure mountain
Horseback riding and tennis in winter
Ice skating and curling
Customs and culture in the Salzburg region
Advent singing
Advent markets in Salzburg and the surrounding area
Ski touring
Ski school / ski rental

Summer in Abtenau

Mountaineering & Climbing
Rafting, canyoning, kayaking
Horse-drawn carriage ride
Miniature golf
Outdoor tennis courts
Segway - Bockerl - summer tobogganing
To fish
Baths and bathing lakes
Nature water paradises