Salzburg Harvest Festival

Salzburg Harvest Festival

Sitting together and having a hearty celebration

Farmers' Autumn season in Salzburg Country

Enjoy the splendor of autumn colors - when the sun decorates the forests and meadows with gentle red-gold tones and the trees bend under the weight of their fruit, then it is harvest time in SalzburgerLand.

People come together when celebrating! The focus of this festival season is the uniqueness of rural life. Get to know the customs and delicacies from SalzburgerLand: whether at schnapps distilling, cattle drive, Hoagascht, village festival or at an Almroas: the music, the culinary specialties and the traditions characterize the varied time of the Harvest Festival.

The Harvest Festival in Lammertal offers a colorful range: from village and farm festivals, traditional evenings, rural crafts, mountain fairs, farmers' markets, cattle drives, harvest celebrations, farm tours and livestock auctions. Experience traditional customs and celebrate together with the locals Harvest Festival in the beautiful Salzburger Land.

Autumn time is Alpine drive time– the dairymen are happy that the cattle survived the summer unscathed and are preparing to return to the valley. Your alpine hike suddenly becomes a festival when the festively decorated animals are driven from their alpine pastures back to the stable in the valley, accompanied by the ringing of cowbells and playing musicians.


Over d'Alma - at the  Musiciansroas A wide variety of music groups come together. Enjoy the wonderful nature and listen to the sounds of the singers and musicians playing old folk music while you rest on the mountain pasture. Unforgettable, cozy and hearty experiences.

This is a highlight every year HeuART Festival in Lammertal. During the hay figure parade, the hay figures, which were made over weeks of preparatory work, parade through the town on magnificently decorated wagons, pulled by Noriker and Haflinger horses or vintage tractors, accompanied by Schnalzers and a traditional music band. The world's largest hay figure parade delights thousands of visitors from all over Europe every year.

And of course you will be treated to culinary delicacies from the region at every Harvest Festival event. Hearty Kasnock'n, a juicy farmer's bratl or sweet Pofesen, farmer's donuts and apple wheel, whet your appetite for the autumnal SalzburgerLand. And of course, after a hearty meal, a shot of schnapps is a must. Traditional Salzburg delicaciesmade from local products and prepared according to regional recipes from grandmother's cookbook, come to the table.

Old traditions and customs
are highly respected in Tennengau and live on in the population. Honest and real. Numerous events throughout the year offer the opportunity to actively get to know life in the country.
Especially around church holidays, guests can also experience atmospheric impressions of real, unadulterated customs and traditions that have been maintained over the centuries.
Starting with Easter in the spring, putting up the maypole, the Corpus Christi parade, the midsummer bonfires in the summer, the Thanksgiving procession and the cattle drives in the harvest season, St. Nicholas and Krampus in Advent and the contemplative Christmas in the mountains in the winter.

A colorful picture of life in Lammertal - this also includes the “tracht”, the distinctive traditional clothing.

The parish church
to Saint Blaise is, despite its Gothic overall appearance, a mixture of different eras and styles. A church in Abtenau was first mentioned in a document in 1191; it was dedicated to Saint Anna; Around 1411, however, St. Blaise was named as the patron saint of the church for the first time. Since 1533, the church has been considered a monastery parish Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter in Salzburg

Back to the roots in Arlerhof Local History Museum. You can find out more about Abtenau, its history and people in the Arlerhof local history museum. The first documented mention of the “Arelgut” dates back to 1325. Get to know the tradition and culture of the typical Lammertal farmhouse.

Or take a circular route through 6 centuries Grossgmain open-air museum and immerse yourself in the rural past of the Salzburger Land. Old traditions and customs are highly respected and live on among the population.

Embark on a journey through time Bad Dürrnberg salt mines. The Celts mined “white gold” here around 2.500 years ago. The ride on the mine train, the long miner's slides, and the underground raft ride across the large salt lake are a highlight for young and old. You can find out even more about the life of the Celts in the Celtic Museum in Hallein

A holiday in Abtenau also includes a visit to the world heritage site Hallstatt, a 4500-year-old salt village picturesquely located on the steep slope of the lake shore. The parish church in Hallstatt is a beautiful gem in the middle of the world heritage site. You can experience the world-famous sight of Hallstatt on a romantic boat trip across Lake Hallstatt.