Horse-drawn sleigh rides in Abtenau

Winter fairy tales come true

2 HP in Lammertal
Don't you sometimes dream of a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through an enchanted, snow-covered winter landscape? This dream comes true in Abtenau!

Wrap yourself warmly and let two snorting steeds take you through the crystal-sparkling mountains into a winter fairy tale!

The clear, cold winter air on your red cheeks, the “steaming” horses in front of you, in the middle of a magical landscape and as a backdrop the Tennengebirge and Dachstein massif - the winter world of the Lammertal will enchant you, this landscape is unique and fantastically beautiful.



And combined with a cozy stop, the carriage ride becomes a sociable excursion. It becomes romantic when the horse-drawn sleigh glides seemingly effortlessly through the snow in the torchlight at dusk. The gentle tinkling of the bells makes it easy to dream... a magical excursion into a winter fairy tale!

Horse-drawn sleigh
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